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Wood County Wisconsin Farms for Sale WI Hobby Farmettes Farmland

Wood County Wisconsin Farms for Sale WI Hobby Farmettes Farmland

Wood County Wisconsin Farms for Sale

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Wood County is located in Central Wisconsin between Neillsville and Stevens Point in the central part of the state with the Wisconsin River winding through it.  Wood is known for its hunting, fishing, ATVing, snowmobiling, wildlife, bird watching, timber, parks, farms, golfing, cranberries, shopping, biking, hiking, boating which also has Wildwood Park Zoo, Power Bluff, North Wood County Park, South Wood County Park, Nepco Lake County Park, Sand Hill State Wildlife Area, Lake Dexter, Biron Flowage plus a couple communities including; Marshfield, Arpin, Vesper, Auburndale, Milladore, Rudolph, Lake Wazeecha, Port Edwards, Nekoosa, Babcock and Wisconsin Rapids.  It's surrounded by 6 other Counties; Marathon, Portage, Adams, Juneau, Jackson and Clark.  On this site you can search for Hobby Farmettes, Fish Farms, Tillable, Dairy Farms, Sustainable Agriculture, Ag Land for Sale, Small Farm Acreage, Cropland, Barns, Ranches for Rent, Horse Pasture, Organic Farming and more located in this county listed by a real estate agents.  More information on Central Wisconsin.

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Wisconsin Farmhouses for Sale

With one or more Farm Types - Alfalfa, Beef, Corn, Crop, Dairy Farm, Horse, Horse Farm, Livestock Farm, Organic Farm, Other, Soybeans, Tree & Tree Farm.

With one or more Farm Features - Barn, Barns, Box Stalls, Chicken House, Currently Non-Working, Dairy Barn, Farm Equipment, Feed Storage Unit / Units, Fencing, Grain Bin, Grain Bins, Grain Storage, Hay Barn, Hog Barn, Livestock Permitted, Machine Shed, Milk Pipeline, Outbuilding, Outbuildings, Pole Barn, Silo & Silos.

With one or more in Lot Decription - Farm, Hobby Farm, Horse Allowed, Pasture, Some Tilled & Tillable.

WI Homes for Sale - Listing Agent Categorized as Farm

Wisconsin Farmland for Sale - Farm Type

With one or more Farm Types - Alfalfa, Beef, Corn, Crop, Dairy-A, Dairy Farm, Farm, Hay, Horse, Livestock Farm, Oats, Organic Farm, Other, Potatoes, Soybeans, Sunflowers, Tree and Wheat.

With one or more Farm Features - 1 Silo, 2 Silos, 21-25 Stanchions, 30+ Stanchions, Barn, Barns, Barn Clearn-Berg, Borders Public Land, Chicken House, Currently Non-Working, Dairy Barn, Hay Barn, Hog Barn, Horse Barn, Machine Shed, Milk House, Outbuilding, Outbuildings, Shed, Silo, Silos and Tobacco Shed.

With one or more in Lot Description - Crop, Hobby Farm, Horse Allowed, Horses Permitted, Mostly Tillable, Pasture, Some Tilled & Tillable.



Wood County Cities, Towns, Villages and Communities

Wood County Townships

  • Arpin Township
  • Auburndale Township
  • Cameron Township
  • Cary Township
  • Cranmoor Township
  • Dexter Township
  • Grand Rapids Township
  • Hansen Township
  • Hiles Township
  • Lincoln Township
  • Marshfield Township
  • Milladore Township
  • Port Edwards Township
  • Remington Township
  • Richfield Township
  • Rock Township
  • Rudolph Township
  • Saratoga Township
  • Seneca Township
  • Sherry Township
  • Sigel Township
  • Wood Township

Lakes & Flowages

  • Biron Flowage
  • Bullgrass Flowage
  • Centralia Flowage
  • Corner Marsh
  • Dexter Lake
  • East Potts Flowage
  • G Flowage
  • Grass Lake
  • Lake Kaunewinne
  • Manakiki Lake
  • Middle Marsh
  • Nekoosa Flowage
  • Nepco Lake
  • North Gallagher Flowage
  • Petenwell Lake
  • Pool Fifteen
  • Port Edwards Flowage
  • Quail Point Flowage
  • Ross Lake
  • Sixteen Pool
  • South Gallagher Flowage
  • Wazeecha Lake
  • Wisconsin Rapids Flowage
  • Yellow River
  • Ackerman Cut
  • Big Pond
  • Black River Lake
  • Byhre Lake
  • Carter Slough
  • Channel Lake
  • Cisco Lake Chain
  • Detroit Harbor
  • Frentress Lake
  • Grass Lake
  • Lake Catherine
  • Swift Slough

Rivers, Creeks & Trout Streams

Class 1, 2 & 3 refer to Trout Stream Classifications.

  • Alder Creek
  • Bear Creek
  • Beaver Creek
  • Bloody Run Creek – Class 1
  • Cat Creek
  • Dawes Creek
  • East Fork Hemlock Creek
  • Elm Creek
  • Flick Creek
  • Fivemile Creek – Class 1, 2 & 3
  • Harvey Creek
  • Hemlock Creek
  • Kurt Creek
  • Little Bear Creek
  • Little Hemlock Creek
  • Lynn Creek – Class 1
  • Moccasin Creek – Class 2
  • North Fork Hemlock Creek
  • Onemile Creek
  • Owl Creek
  • Puff Creek
  • Ripple Creek
  • Rocky Creek – Class 1
  • Rocky Run
  • Sevenmile Creek – Class 1
  • Skunk Creek
  • Tenmile Creek – Class 2 & 3
  • Turner Creek
  • Unnamed - Several
  • Weisner Ditch
  • Wisconsin River

Public Land

Wood County WI Farming Real Estate for Sale

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